per conoscere l'ITALIA



Through them you will get to know the extremely wide variety of our territory.

Italy is composed of 20 regions, REGIONI each one of them differs from the other in landscapes, traditions and way of speaking.

Italian is of course the language spoken everywhere, but people have different regional accents and dialects.


This first two links will provide you with all the info about the country and the territory that a tourist should have when travelling to Italy.

There you can also find very beautiful images. The websites are available both in English and in Italian.



This link offers you a nice presentation of the Italian regions, each one illustrated through a video, that will allow you to see how different the geographical features of each region are


and if you like to know about Italian festivals and traditions you can visit this website:



If you like Italian art you can consult the following sites and when you’ve found the museum that suits your tastes and interests, you can google it up and take a virtual tour like in the case of the Vatican Museums, in Rome, or the Galleria degli Uffizi, in Florence. Give a look at the Sistine Chapel to get the gist!


Last but not least Italy is also renowned all over the world for its food and cuisine and you can find some nice recipes and info about regional cuisine and cooking traditions here: