Italian Language and Culture Refresher Course

Every now and then, even successful, experienced Italian language teachers can benefit from a refresher. An advanced Italian language and culture course is the perfect chance to get back in touch with the language we teach.  This course  offers to teachers the opportunity to explore the subtleties of modern Italian while deepening the knowledge of Italian culture and civilizaiton. What’s more, teachers will get the chance to network with fellow language teaching professionals and inspire themselves.

Who is this course suitable for?
Non-native or native Italian teachers engaged in planning or delivering Italian language courses at the K-12 level.

 Course aims

Language enrichment: update teachers’ Italian language skills, develop their confidence in using the language, in particular speaking and listening, and expand their vocabulary and range of expression;
Culture enrichment: deepend their knowledge and appreciation of current Italian culture in its various manifestations focussing on topics such as contemporary press, cinema, literature, language, society and music.

Course Program
The course is organized in 5 themed ‘flipped’ interactive workshops that will be held once a month and will offer about 20/25 hours of instruction in total. The workshops will be held at Northeastern University on the dates and times indicated in the calendar.